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ImageEvery car accident insurance claim starts with a car accident. If you are the owner of the car and want to claim for damages, you should report the accident to your insurance company at the first opportunity. This will officially set in motion the claim process.

Usually, an insurance company settles the claim based only on the adjuster/surveyor's report on the extent of the damage to your car. And if you are satisfied with the claim your insurance company has offered to you then the issue is settled. But what do you do if you think the claim amount offered by your insurance company is not right?

In most cases apart from the trauma of an accident the next biggest ordeal could be the long negotiating process a non-agreement on the claims amount could spark off with the insurance company!

So how do you negotiate a claim to get it fully or at least the maximum amount? What do the insurance companies usually do during a negotiation process? What are your rights and when and how do you exercise them?

The following is a comprehensive guide to give you an insight into the various possibilities involved in negotiating accident claims for cars.

Understanding the basics is important

Perhaps the first thing that you should do in case your car is damaged in an accident is report it to your insurance company within the time frame as mentioned in your car insurance agreement.