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ImageOther options before you even if you reach an impasse

The obvious and wise choice for you will be to seek the advice from a lawyer specialized in handling car accident claims. This will help you determine if the settlement amount you seek is reasonable or not based on the facts and the supporting documents that you intend to furnish.

On the other hand if you prefer to continue negotiations on your own without a lawyer, you could write to the insurance company explaining the situation and strengthening your claim amount with more additional documentation and/or information not previously provided.

You could also talk to the adjuster/surveyor directly or if required seek an appointment with his superior. Else, you have the option to request for an alternative dispute resolution like mediation or arbitration.

If none of this works out you may file a complaint with the concerned state or central authorities/ministries or move the court of law to sue your insurance company for Bad Faith. Of course this depends on the clause provided in your car insurance agreement.

Most insurance policies mentions about an "appraisal clause" on the preferred way to settle disputes between insurers and policyholders. Usually, the clause says that disputes must be arbitrated, where a neutral party could hear the case and decide. There is very little room for a provision that disputes can be settled through litigation or in a court of law.
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