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Who We Are...

Initially known as FoolzParadize.org, this website started as a hobby but has grown out of its initial shell to become a world famous forum providing a wholesome and complete entertainment. No doubt Fropky.com has become a part and parcel of the daily itinerary of millions of netizens from across the world.

What We Do...

We, at Fropky.com, have a vast array of hilarious jokes, celebrity gossips, amazing and interesting videos, a multitude of wallpapers of celebrities, lively cartoons, captivating humorous visuals, Interactive zone, Photo Galleries, recipes and a host of other spicy features for almost all age groups. Fropky.com is proud of hosting a vast repertory of thousands of rib tickling jokes and visuals. They are presented and classified in an easy to navigate fashion. The vast collection of online games has been posted to cater to all kinds of categories and age groups.

How It All Started...

The founders of Fropky were very obsessed by the ever growing and ever entertaining field of internet and decided to share all the beautiful stuff on the internet with friends and known ones. Before long all the members shared their stuff and soon they thought that they should find a place on the internet to post all the stuff to share it with more and more people because the new members never got an opportunity to see the older stuff shared on the website.

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How to Contact Us

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