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1.Achala --------- Still Lord

2.Achyuta --------Infallible Lord

3.Adbhutah-------Wonderful God

4.Adidev----------The Lord Of The Lords

5.Aditya-----------The Son Of Aditi

6.Ajanma----------One Who Is Limitless And Endless

7.Ajaya------------The Conqueror Of Life And Death

8.Akshara----------Indestructible Lord

9.Amrut-----------One Who Is Sweet As Nectar

10.Anaadih--------One Who Is The First Cause

11.Anandsagar-----Compassionate Lord

12.Ananta---------The Endless Lord

13.Anantajit-------Ever Victorious Lord

14.Anaya---------One Who Has No Leader

15.Aniruddha--------One Who Cannot Be Obstructed

16.Aparajeet--------The Lord Who Cannot Be Defeated

17.Avyukta---------One Who Is As Clear As Crystal

18.Balgopal---------The Child Krishna, The All Attractive

19.Bali-------------The Lord Of Strength

20.Chaturbhuj------Four-Armed Lord

21.Danavendra-----Granter Of Boons

22.Dayalu---------Repositiory Of Compassion

23.Dayanidhi------The Compassionate Lord

24.Devadidev-----The God Of The Gods

25.Devakinandan----Son Of Mother Devaki

26.Devesh----------Lord Of The Lords

27.Dharmadhyaksha-----The Lord OF Dharma

28.Dwarkapati----------Lord Of Dwarka

29.Gopal---------------One Who Plays With The Cowherds, The Gopas

30.Gopalpriya-----------Lover Of Cowherds

31.Govinda------------One Who Pleases The Cows, The Land And The Entire Nature

32.Gyaneshwar--------The Lord Of Knowledge

33.Hari-------------The Lord Of Nature

34.Hiranyagarbha----The All Powerful Creator

35.Hrishikesh---------The Lord Of All Senses

36.Jagadguru---------Preceptor Of The Universe

37.Jagadisha---------Protector Of All

38.Jagannath-------Lord Of The Universe

39.Janardhana------One Who Bestows Boons On One And All

40.Jayantah-------Conqueror Of All Enemies

41.Jyotiraaditya-----The Resplendence Of The Sun

42.Kamalnath-------The Lord Of Goddess Lakshmi

43.Kamalnayan------The Lord With Lotus Shaped Eyes

44.Kamsantak-------Slayer Of Kamsa

45.Kanjalochana-----The Lotus-Eyed God

46.Keshava------One Who Has Long, Black Matted Locks

47.Krishna-------Dark-Complexioned Lord

48.Lakshmikantam----The Lord Of Goddess Lakshmi

49.Lokadhyaksha------Lord Of All The Three Lokas (Worlds)

50.Madan------------The Lord Of Love

51.Madhava---------Knowledge Filled God

52.Madhusudan------Slayer Of Demon Madhu

53.Mahendra---------Lord Of Indra

54.Manmohan--------All Pleasing Lord

55.Manohar----------Beautiful Lord

56.Mayur------------The Lord Who Has A Peacock Feathered-Crest

57.Mohan-----------All Attractive God

58.Murali------------The Flute Playing Lord

59.Murlidhar---------One Who Holds The Flute

60.Murlimanohar--------The Flute Playing God

61.Nandgopala---------The Son Of Nand

62.Narayana-----------The Refuge Of Everyone

63.Niranjana-----------The Unblemished Lord

64.Nirguna------------Without Any Properties

65.Padmahasta-------One Who Has Hands Like Lotus

66.Padmanabha-------The Lord Who Has A Lotus Shaped Navel

67.Parabrahmana------The Supreme Absolute Truth

68.Paramatma---------Lord Of All Beings

69.Parampurush-------Supreme Personality

70.Parthasarthi---------Charioteer Of Partha – Arjuna

71.Prajapati------------Lord Of All Creatures

72.Punyah-------Supremely Pure

73.Purshottam----The Supreme Soul

74.Ravilochana----One Who Eye Is The Sun

75.Sahasraakash-----Thousand-Eyed Lord

76.Sahasrajit---------One Who Vanquishes Thousands

77.Sahasrapaat-------Thousand-Footed Lord

78.Sakshi-------All Witnessing Lord

79.Sanatana----The Eternal Lord

80.Sarvajana------Omniscient Lord

81.Sarvapalaka-----Protector Of All

82.Sarveshwar------Lord Of All Gods

83.Satyavachana----One Who Speaks Only The Truth

84.Satyavrata-------The Truth Dedicated Lord

85.Shantah---------Peaceful Lord

86.Shreshta--------The Most Glorious Lord

87.Shrikanta-------Beautiful Lord

88.Shyam---------Dark-Complexioned Lord

89.Shyamsundara----Lord Of The Beautiful Evenings

90.Sudarshana-------Handsome Lord

91.Sumedha---------Intelligent Lord

92.Suresham---------Lord Of All Demi-Gods

93.Swargapati-------Lord Of Heavens

94.Trivikrama--------Conqueror Of All The Three Worlds

95.Upendra----------Brother Of Indra

96.Vaikunthanatha-------Lord Of Vaikuntha, The Heavenly Abode

97.Vardhamaanah--------The Formless Lord

98.Vasudev--------------All Prevailing Lord

99.Vishnu----------------All Prevailing Lord

100.Vishwadakshinah-----Skilfull And Efficient Lord

101.Vishwakarma--------Creator Of The Universe

102.Vishwamurti---------Of The Form Of The Entire Universe

103.Vishwarupa---------One Who Displays The Universal Form

104.Vishwatma---------Soul Of The Universe

105.Vrishaparvaa-------Lord Of Dharma

106.Yadavendra--------King Of The Yadav Clan

107.Yogi---------------The Supreme Master

108.Yoginampati--------Lord Of The Yogis

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