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Face to Face
• Have simple, useful, crisp business cards to share. Always.
• Be confident in person.
• Clothes and appearance DO matter. WIsh they didn't, but they do.
• Have a very brief introduction / elevator pitch and practice it often.
• Ask questions of people you meet. Get to know them.
• Don't seek business relationships right off. Instead, seek areas of shared interest.
• Know when to walk away politely.
• Don't try to meet everyone in a room. Meet a half dozen or more great new people.
• Never doubt that you are worth it.
• If you're terribly shy, consider finding a "wing man" for events.
• Doing homework ahead of time (finding people's most recent blog posts, googling them, etc) helps one feel "in the know."
• Make eye contact. It's MUCH more powerful than you know.