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• Commenting on other people's blogs builds awareness fast.
• The more valuable your comments, the more it reflects on your ability and your character.
• Use your listening tools to stay active in pertinent discussions.
• Try not to brag, ever. Be humble. Not falsely so, but truly, because a lot of what we do isn't as important as saving lives.
• Ask questions with your blog posts. Defer to experts. Learn from the conversation.
• Be confident. Asking for external validation often is a sign of weakness.
• Good conversations can be across many blogs with links to show the way.
• Try never to be too defensive. Don't be a pushover, but be aware of how you present yourself when defending.
• Disclose anything that might be questionable. Anything, and quickly!
• Don't delete critical blog comments. Delete only spam, abrasive language posts, and offensive material. (Have a blog comments policy handy, if you get into the deleting mode.