Mixed-Bag of Articles of every type. Go through this section and you will have the world to Explore.
• Create new content regularly. If not daily, then at least three times a week.
• The more others can use your content, the better they will adopt it.
• Write brief pieces with lots of visual breaks for people to absorb.
• Images draw people's attention. Try to add a graphic per post. (Not sure why this works, but it seems to add some level of attention.)
• Mix up the kinds of pieces you put on your site. Interviews, how-to, newsish information, and more can help mix and draw more attention.
• Limit the number of "me too" posts you do in any given month to no more than three. Be original, in other words.
• The occasional 'list' post is usually very good for drawing attention.
• Write passionately, but be brief (unless you're writing a list of 100 tips).
• Consider adding audio and video to the mix. The occasional YouTube video with you as the star adds to your personal branding immensely, especially if you can manage to look comfortable.
• Brevity rules.