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Do you prefer black underwear to red? Or pink to white? A psychologist has revealed that preference for a certain colour also reveals the kind of lover you are.

Red means you're not shy but if you choose pink, you would rather let the other person take the lead and white is for willing learners, according to expert Donna Dawson.

The poll found 72 per cent of women now opt for uncovered or flesh toned lingerie when shopping, shunning the classic whites and blacks – this fact was supported by Debenhams who report uncovered sales up 38 per cent increase year-on-year.

"Colours at the warm end of the spectrum (red, orange, yellow), create feelings of excitement and vitality, and n actually raise our blood pressure, heartbeat and breathing rate," The Daily Mail quoted Dawson as saying.

"A red bra denotes a personality that is passionate, energetic, dramatic and driven. A pink bra denotes a personality that is romantic and gentle and in need of affection. She is feminine, sensuous and would never take the lead. A white bra denotes a personality that is innocent but open-to-suggestion," she added.

"A black bra denotes a personality that is individualistic and powerful, as well as sultry. This woman has subtle charms and is deeply passionate," Dawson said.