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ImageA sharp rise in pyorrhoea is forcing several in the 18-35 age group to put on dentures

When Girgaum resident Devendra Odhwani, 35, visited a dentist at St George Hospital to get his loose teeth treated, he thought it it was a routine dental problem.

An examination and a few X-rays later, Odhwani was shocked when the dentist told him to extract all his teeth. Odhawani had a severe gum disease called pyorrhea. Due to this, his jaw bone was damaged and the gums could not hold his teeth.

Common among those on the upside of 40, city dentists say there is a sharp rise in pyorrhea cases among those between 18 and 35 years of age. The reason: unhealthy and irregular eating habits, smoking and poor oral hygiene.

Warning symptoms

"I was in tears when told to get all my teeth extracted," said Odhwani, a driver, who admits he has maintained poor oral hygiene. "I have lost all hope of getting married."

Odhwani had for long ignored warning symptoms – swollen gums and loose teeth. It was after one of his teeth fell off that he went to the dentist. "My teeth could not withstand minor pressure while eating soft food like rice. The x-ray showed that all bones in the gums were destroyed," said Odhwani who uses dentures. "I cannot afford implants which cost at least Rs 2 lakh even at a government hospital."

Incidence rising

City dentists say several young patients have this problem.

"What worsens matters is that they see a dentist when their teeth shake or fall off. By then, the jaw bone almost disappears," said Dr Akash Akinwar, periodontist (gum specialist) from Government Dental College attached to St George Hospital. "We have been witnessing a sharp rise in patients between 18 and 35 years with severe pyorrhoea."

Panvel-based dentist Poonam Wase seconds the view. Wase who recently had a 25-year-old with this gum disease, says the patient had to get four teeth extracted. "Often, extraction is the only option due to late diagnosis," said Wase. "The lost bone cannot be salvaged at any cost." Wase says symptoms like foul smell from the mouth, bleeding, swelling and receding gums should not be ignored.

Experts say lack of warning signs in the initial stage makes matters worse. Regular scaling and cleaning of teeth can pre-empt infection of gums, say doctors.

Diabetics at risk

"Many diabetics tend to develop pyorrhea as their wounds do not heal quickly. For them, an infected gum does not heal fast and can eventually lead to pyorrhea," says cosmetic and aesthetic dentist Dr Sandesh Mayekar who has been on the Miss India pageant panel since 15 years. "I have seen cases where young patients know they have diabetes after pyorrhoea is diagnosed."

Losing that smile- Pyorrhoea, a gum disease, which was hitherto seen in people over 40 years, is more prevalent in the 18-35 age group. It damages the jaw bone and gums cannot hold the teeth.- Unhealthy and irregular eating habits, smoking and poor oral hygiene are common causes- Swollen gums and loose teeth are telltale warning symptoms- At times, patients complain that their teeth cannot withstand pressure even while eating soft food like rice

By Jyoti Shelar, MUMBAI MIRROR

Image Source: Thinkstock photos/Getty Images