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By and large, Indians are a God-fearing and superstitious lot. Zara, a popular Tapas Bar in Chennai, in association with Chennai Traffic Police decided to address drunken driving (responsible for 70% of road fatalities in India), by leveraging this mindset. Yama, the God of Death from Hindu mythology was used to drive home the message, quietly arriving in the patron's car when the valet brought it back. Seeing the God of Death as a wake-up call, most patrons who experienced the live stunt opted to use the drivers-for-hire service.

Chief Creative Officer: Prasoon Joshi


Produced & Directed by Shivakar Srinivasan
Camera: Deepak Menon
Music: Dheen Dhayal
Asst directors: Vivekanandan, Adarsh
Asst cameramen: Selva, Richard
Production manager: Vijay