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by Rahul 20 Apr 2010, 21:54
The pages of literature are strewn with significant others that are just downright wicked. Be it honest portrayals of human nature or total misogyny, the fact is that there are quite a few evil wives and girlfriends in literature. And don’t get us wrong, there is an equal (if not larger) number of terrible husbands and boyfriends portrayed in literature too. The rap sheets on these ladies range from inflicting subversive psychological damage to downright homicide. It probably goes without saying that these women probably wouldn’t be the best types to bring home to momma. Here are the worst of the worst:

Image#1 Lady Macbeth (Macbeth)

Craziness, personified. Lady Macbeth, the power-hungry wife of the titular character in the Shakespeare tragedy, would stop at nothing to help her husband ascend to the throne. Not only does she drug an entire party just so Macbeth can marry Duncan, she smears blood all over the sleeping servants to frame the murder on them. She also loves to belittle and emasculate her husband for his perceived lack of courage. At the play’s end, Lady Macbeth dies an ignoble death off-stage, but her chilling character definitely remains alive.