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ImageFitness expert Brinda Sapat elaborates on a routine to have you looking your best within a fortnight!

With just two weeks to go, put your body into express gear to look irresistible! Shed some fat, tighten up & feel a glow!

Wake up!

Have a low fat smoothie, milkshake or yoghurt and some fruit.

Power walk

Put on your walking shoes and go for a power walk for 30 minutes six days a week. Walk at a fast non-stop pace. Burst into two minute jogging intervals after every five minutes of power walking.

This will get you fat burning and skin glowing.

Snack time!

Wholegrain toast with a low fat spread, a boiled egg or nuts


Pick a wholegrain sandwich with a low fat filling of your choice or

Chapatti, veggies and dal.

Snack again!

Raw veggies with a low fat dip or a handful of nuts.

Tighten and tone

You will need a pair of hand held dumbbells (2-3 kgs each) or heavy water bottles that are easy to hold.

Warm up with five minutes of jogging and follow up with the exercises outlined in the following pages four days a week.