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Makeup - Use makeup as an important business asset. Choose a subtle, well-blended look, natural not bare. Be sure to accentuate eyes and lips. These are two of your best communication tools.

Hair - A polished business look is one that is above the shoulder or worn up. Invest in a good-looking, easy care cut for the perfect topper to your polished professional look.

Jewelry - You don't have to invest a fortune for a professional look. High quality costume jewelry is perfectly acceptable, except for rings, which should be real gold or silver. (One per hand please). Pearls and a quality watch are also excellent wardrobe investments.

Briefcase/handbag - Invest in only one or two quality handbags and briefcases that best suit your needs. Choose from a soft-sided nylon version for everyday; or a hard leather case for more special occasions. Both handbags and briefcases should be the smallest size possible and still be functional. Best colors are black, brown and burgundy.

Shoes/Hosiery - Classic leather pumps are the best choice for comfort and style. For a professional look, avoid straps, and any style that shows too much of the foot. Best colors are black, navy, taupe, and burgundy. Hosiery should be either neutral or taupe. Sheer black and sheer navy can work well with black or navy clothing.

Scarves/Pocket Squares - Scarves are a great way to add a touch of color and fashion to any outfit, while pocket squares can bring a vibrant touch of color to tailored suits.

Hands/Nails - Well groomed and maintained hands are essential to a finished look, especially if you are the kind of person who communicates with their hands. Stick with subtle polish colors that compliment your makeup and wardrobe choices, or choose the natural look, a simple coat of clear polish.

Umbrellas - Should be functional and not detract from your fashion statement. Black and Brown are your best colors, and a collapsible style offers even more convenience. Just slip it in your briefcase.

All-weather Coat/Winter Coat - Buy the best possible quality because this is a lasting investment. A winter coat should be 100% wool for maximum warmth. Black, Navy and taupe are classic colors that never go out of style. Your coat should be long enough to cover your skirts and dresses.