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Sometimes work can be really hectic and frustrating and as grownups, we are expected to be cool about it and keep the whining to ourselves. I work in advertising and my workday is often very chaotic and unpredictable. While trying not to let the stress get the best of me, I decided to turn the mundane and often annoying little moments in my agency life into inspirations for something whimsical and magical.

With my iPhone, a reading lamp, and miniature figures, I recreate the imaginary scenes of my honest thoughts in work situations right on my work desk. Pairing each photo with corresponding caption, I post them on my Instagram and Tumblr feeds as a way to document my eventful career.

Whether it’s burning the midnight oil, early morning client call, or on the road traveling for business, my tiny people are always there making sure I don’t hide my feelings.

I am inspired by how there is always a positive light in seeing almost everything. Combined with my passion for detail, imagination, and humor, my delightful little pick-me-ups have resonated with many people on the internet and I am pleasantly surprised and overwhelmed by the support and encouragement I receive.

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Work Frustrations Turned Into Mini Magic In Office

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