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A Love Letter worth reading...

My dear FAIR and LOVELY (ek chand ka tukda), you are my TVS SCOOTY(first love) and my AIWA (pure passion ).

I am always BPL (believe in the best) and you are SANSUI( better than the best ).

You are DOMINO'S PIZZA (delivering a million smiles) for me .

This is a COLGATE ENERGY GEL (seriously fresh ) feeling for me.

I want you to be my life partner but I think you are worried about your father who is KAWASAKI BAJAJ CALIBER (the unshakable) and my
father who is CEAT (born tough),

but don't worry as I am also FORD ICON (The josh machine ) and rest of
our family members are pretty KELVINATORS (the coolest ones).

If our fathers say no, we will run away and marry, and PHILIPS (let's
make things better).

They will feel MIRINDA (zor ka jhatka dhire se lage ) but I believe in COCA-COLA (jo chahe ho jaye).

Trust in God who's always NOKIA (connecting people) who love each

And do not forget that we are WILLS ( made for each other ).

Now that HYUNDAI (we are listening) the song of love, you must know that
love is DAIRY MILK (real taste of life ) SATYAM ONLINE (fun fast easy) and
PARX (always comfortable).

So never forget me.

Ok bye!

I wrote little but actually PEPSI ( yeh dil mange more )!!.

banned (digitally yours).

TO ALL OTHER FRIENDS, SAMSUNG (everyone's invited) to wedding that's ensuing