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My Dear Friends!
Is it possible to hear God’s voice, in this modern world?
Do you think its possible? You feel I m joking right? You might even ask a question to yourself, how God can speak to us….
I agree with you! When we think about God, preoccupied thoughts are restored on our minds. God will do magic like we see on television or books like jieebhoombhaa. Even though we are in modern world, we still expect God to do magic’s in our life. Yes right? No matter what we are, school student or a college student, a teacher, or software engineers all of think alike in this matter. But what is the reality!!!! Will God do magic’s? It’s time for us to use our brilliant brains at the right time. Come let us jump into the discussion to Think Big.
Ready to jump with me for the discussion!!!!
Let me stay with this, I m not trying to justify which is true!! God or Science!!! Opinion differs from person to person. Every single individual has got their own rights to decide what they like. You have all rights to believe, argue or trust its God or Science. But this place is not discuss about it, we are trying to think in a different angle ie. Out of Box thinking. We don’t have things in common, as I said it differs from person to person, but one thing which no one can deny is about “Inner soul”. No one can deny that they have a inner soul or soul.
Friends are you with me? You agree what I say about inner soul? So in what way God speech and inner soul connected with?
Connection is there!!!! Let me explain you one by one.
I believe to a great extend, that everyone believe about the inner soul right!
For people are with me, I m happy for them  , that they agree they have an inner soul. For people who are not with me, I m double happy   so that I can think a lot and discuss a lot with them. People should think different then only we can discover a lot. Trust me I like this indifference.
Again back to our topic. Answer me this question? Can hear your own voice?
Friends! Please don’t think it’s a stupid question, its very much sensible question. Can you hear your voice ?.
Mixed of yes and no!!! right. Ya… let me explain you few things from my end and then you tell me if you can listen to your own voice.
Like a nested loops in programming language, even we have a nested question for you. Here it is, You know who is the best teacher in the world? Your KG school teacher or college lecturer ? For most of us, at least one teacher or lecturer should be our all time favorite and who made a great change in our life, exceptions are there I agree too .
Yes! ofcourse they are excellent people who turned our life and gave us good education and guided us in a better way. There are school kids do not score good marks only in specific subject, reason they give is they didn’t like the teacher. But did you ever thought why you followed those special people instruction but not to others ? So they didn’t perform well. Because you taught to yourself that this special person is an amazing person in your life and you were very much impressed with them, they are the best people in the world. You have decided to follow whatever they teach you or guide you.
If a school teacher is reading a book and if you feel you are students are considering like this? Take a great pride, because you are not helping them to score marks. You are helping them to score marks in life, which is an amazing job. Without your will, you think you might have followed what your favorite people taught you? Even though your favorite teacher or person taught you something good. Unless your brain wants to implement or accept it, how is it possible for you learn or to do it.
Now friends, tell me who is the best teacher?
Answer is here….. “ No one other than you” is the best teacher for you.
Every human being is a great teacher for himself. One should know how to give respect for the teacher in you. Life is beautiful, when you think that way even during your hard times. Life becomes blue, when you think you are nothing even when you are happy.
“Ultimate aim of this Book is not to justify something, but to trigger your mind to start thinking”

“Kishore & his destiny”
Let me share an incident that happened in Kishore’s life.
Kishore is the only son for his parents and he was doing his final year in Law College. He was in deeply love with a girl called Preethi. Till final year he was struggling to express his love to her. Once fine day he came to know that Preethi was engaged to Rishi and she is going to get married to him once he back from US. After hearing this news, Kishore’s heart trembled and his mind was not in a position to accept the reality. He struggled to overcome all these pain and he didn’t open this issue even to his parents.
As days were slowly moving, fear and anger took control over him and he decided that he cant bare this pain anymore and took decision to end up his life. He decided there is no more pain in life and he can’t withstand all this anymore and went to the 12th floor in his college to end up his life.
Last 5 min’s was duration left to Kishore to think and decide his future. He stood on the 12th floor, raised his head and saw the blue sky. Started to speak to himself, as he was having a conversation with God. Why God? Why have to left me alone? Why you made me in such a pain ? What mistake I did in my life? What harm I did for others? Why you gave me such a pain? Why? Why? And why? The more he started asking why, more Kishore started to become weak and had self pity on himself.
His face was pale filled with anger and tear rolled on his cheeks. He was confused and totally disturbed. He was able to hear 2 kinds of voice in him.
Voice1 –
Kishore there is no other pain for you in this world, you have reached the heights.
Don’t worry about the after math, what happen is just for you. You are the person who are suffereing not your parents are friends. This should have happened to anyone in this world, there is not meaning in life… Preethi is no more for u… How can you live without Preethi.. How are you going to face this real world without you love… How can you see Preethi getting married to a stranger…”Enough is enough Kishore” end up now… at least let her be happy…

Voice 2 –
Kishore, I know this is an extreme pain…
But is that all your life?
There is nothing in world other than Preethi?
Look at your parents Kishore, think about the pain they faced to bring you up. Recollect the love your parents showered upon you. Think how much dream they have for you; think about all the friends and family members who loved. Think about the degree you are going pursue and fight again this society for poor and needy. Think about all your future goals.
Negative things will influence human very easily than positive thoughts. Voice 1 took the control, he wiped his tears, closed his eyes. Thought to himself he took a brave decision and jumped from the 12th floor and ended up his life. Didn’t the teacher in him work properly or teach him which the correct?
Kishore was not ready to accept the truth and took the other? How many Kishore’s are there in our day today life around us? If Kishore would have thought sensibly for few seconds, his future might have been a heaven. He is the one who spoilt his golden life and took away the peace of his parents as well.
In spite of his voice telling hundred times not to take this decision. He forced himself to listen to voice 1 and made a full stop for his life. Ending the life is the best solution? Who got benefit out of this ? No one that’s the truth.
Even though Kishore inner soul keep repeatedly telling not to do this. Out of anger, out of frustration Kishore took this decision. According to me, he didn’t take a brave decision, this is worst blunder Kishore could do for himself. This is how many people; they don’t listen to the inner soul when it starts to speak to us.

Now tell me…
Where God IS?
How God speaks to us?
Even now …Few might accept, other may say no no… nothing like that. Its nothing to do with inner soul, sixth sense or God. It’s all science. Pal, nothing wrongs in the way they define it as science.. I agree with them. Science or God, what’s the ultimate result? It should be good for them and for other as well.
My understanding about religion is to lead the people with good discipline and rules to make their life much better way. There are few people who worship God for the whole, but they don’t offer time for poor and needy… It doesn’t mean that all people who worship god do not follow these… all I m trying to tell is there are people like this also  .
Other case, there are people who don’t trust in God, but they be a best examples of human being to help others and good hearted. Religions are framed to make mankind to love, to be humble, to help, to be harmless. If you think in one broader sense, all religion Hinduism, Muslim, Christianity, Buddhism or whatever religion. Aim of each religions are to guide the people to live a better life.
Topic is not about God is existing or not!
Topic is not about you believed in God or not!
But about how God or science is guiding you in your day to day activity. God is no where… He is in you…. Search with in you.. you can find God….
For few people… what I m telling to you sounds crazy right…. Kindly bear with me and read the entire article… I might be using a wrong term as God for atheist. But for people who trust in God it might be correct. So in this article let people who trust in God keep the term as God, people who don’t trust keep it as science.
Lets continue with that now.
Once again thanks for not getting irritated and closing the book, thanks for reading it 

“Raghul & his sacred Thread”
Let me quote another incident here, there was a small boy Raghul who was doing his 8th std in a Matriculation school. He is the youngest his family and he got a elder sister who was studying in the same school and her name is Nisha. Nisha being an extra ordinary brilliant and topper in her academic and all extracurricular activity has become problem for our hero Raghul.
Raghul is a below average student, with poor memory. Everyday people including school teachers, friends, relatives and even his own father started to compare him with his sister. Day by day his interest towards his studies started to come down. He started to hate his studies and concluded to himself he is not fit for anything.
Raghul’s mother was closely watching him and all the changes that’s happening in him. She clearly noted that her son is totally disturbed and need her help. One fine evening Raghul and his mother went for walking to the nearby park. Slowly Raghul’s mother started the topic, why are you so dull raghul. Is there anything I can help you? Asked his mother.
Mom! Nothing.. Hmmm.. I don’t I mm ……
Huh… Momm
Mom.. I think I m not fit for anything right ? he shouted in ager with a tears… I cant study ? I cant score good marks ? I can excel in extracurricular activity like Nisha right ? Why am I created in this way mom ? What is the mistake I did? Why everyone is disgusting me including dad and he broke into tears. Raghul’s mother came close to him and hugged him…
Raghul…. Cheer up..
Common stop Crying my son.. Look at me….
Not able to study? not able to excel in other activity… is that all your problem ? she asked. Raghul wiped his tears and said, yes….
what’s else big problem I have … I m an useless… he kicked the stone near by and said in a feeble voice.

This is not the end my dear son, you have solution for this.
Raghul jumped after hearing to that and asked what is that ? how?
Raghul… I have a sacred thread with me which I got it 10 years back when I went to Rameswaram from a Guruji. Guruji, said that you should use this only to your family relation that too only once. This is so powerful and it can do wonders. Raghul was excited and he wanted it to be on his hand right away. Raghul’s mother promised after doing certain pooja’s, she will placed it on his hand.
After all the pooja’s, Raghul’s mother tied the sacred thread on his hand who was waiting for his mom to complete the pooja’s. From that day, Raghul was geared up with special confidence and energy. Every time when he comes across difficult or problems, he ll look at the thread and he ll think, ya I can do wonders no way I m going to give up. He started to work against all the hurdles.
Raghul’s mother started to see a gradual improvement in his studies and extracurricular activity. In fact Raghul was more extra intelligent on logical thinking and his IQ was high comparing to his sister. After years together with this scared thread and his mom’s continues guidance. Raghul was topper in all activity and academics’, he was happiest person with lots of praise from his friends, family, teachers and from his dad too.
Rahul’s mother took him for a walk, while discussing she appreciated that you are so intelligent and I m so proud to have you. Raghul, saw his sacred thread kissed it with a smile and said. Yes mom its all because of the sacred thread you gave to me. It works wonders, thanks for giving it to me and making my life great mom and he hugged his mom. Mom, she smiled and replied my dear raghul. You know something, this is not a sacred thread as you believe, it’s just a thread which I got near the shop. I got this thread before reaching home, prayed for few minutes to God to guide my son in his studies and all activity and tied on your hand.
Today all your talents came out not because of this thread, but just because of your hard work. Its only because of your hard work alone. Now God has blessed you for all your hard work. Then Raghul realized every time, every day when he struggled he was able to hear a voice, no Raghul.. don’t get upset you can do it… you can do it.. only you can do it… was not voice of Guruji.. Its voice of mine …. My self confidence.. my own inner voice… it was be who the reason who found what’s the talent in me.

Raghul’s mom added, raghul whenever we work hard.. God ll definitely blessed it twice for us. Its not like you pray to God and he ll do everything. You pray to God, you work towards it.. he ll help you to reap the fruit. God doesn’t do magic my son, God speaks to you daily and guide you every second.
There are few people, who pray a lot and they don’t do anything after that. They such give a reason, ya already I prayed to God.. he ll take care of it. Can any one of us accept it ? No… this is not wise. God he himself will not appreciate it.
God like people who pray to him and work towards it. When they do like that, God ll bless them more than they have asked. But still the people who pray and don work, just sit and give a lame excuse or cry that God is not hearing my prayers don’t know why.
After explaining all these, Raghul’s mom took off the thread and said to him. Now you came to know what’s the reality. Its time for you to trust in you and to know whats your caliber than to trust on wordly things.
Raghul felt his soul was 1000 times powerful than it use to be, with a deep gratitude he leaned on his mother and said… Mom you are proud to have me… But I m so blessed to have you. Thanks mom!! Thanks for all and they started home.
That’s the end of story… Now our discussion is… did Raghul excellence stopped after taking away the thread ? how many of you tell.. ya from then he has become a dumbo …. Any one ???
To my knowledge, Raghul can never become a dull student or a dumbo from now. I hope you all agree with me…. Now the other question. What made him to achieve all these? is it the sacred thread ? or what ?
Not just an extend but to more than an extend, it’s the sacred thread which was his power. Every time when Raghul notice the thread he had a goose bump .. a great power.. self confidence .. a great faith and what not ?

But what’s the truth… every time when he saw the thread… His inner soul started to speak to him a lot, and he was completely focused to listen what he was trying to teach him. Yes Raghul you can do it..
Who said this.. is the thread ? or his inner soul? I think his soul used this sacred thread to communicate with him. Day by day he started to listen what his soul was teaching, that was giving last of confidence, encouragement and ll hopes.
Ultimately because or thread or inner should Raghul achieved his success. I appreciate his brilliant mom, for taking this initiative as first thing and revealing the truth to him in a correct and now he understood the truth that reason for his success is not thread but his hard work.
HATS OFF to Raghul’s mother…
Friends what do you say ???
Guys… don’t think about that sacred thread on your hands and scold me…
I m not telling you the sacred thread you are using is fake… my point is not that.. But all I request you is stepped ahead and think big. What’s reality?

“Jim’s Hijack”
Let me share one more incident.
There was person called Jim Miller who has his own company.
One day he took his employee to a classic restaurant in the city, to treat them all as a note for thanks for all the hard work and for the revenue they have generated for the company. That was special treat he arranged for his people, where all kind of food, drinks and deserts were place. All of them had nice time, interaction with CEO and food too. After the completion of the treat, Jim started home in his 5 series BMW where his car was hijacked by 3 people who were dress in black color and he was not able to identify his faces.
Jim’s Jim was kept in a dark room for 5 days, he has the worst time in his life. Every day he was provided with 2 slice of rough bread with a cup of water. Jim was from a well do family, he had never felt the feeling of the word hunger. Ever before he thinks about it, food will ready before him that was the life style of him. When this food was provided for him on the first day, he was so irritated and pushed the food aside. He was not even interested to see it, he didn’t have anything for the whole day. On day 2, his hunger started more and more, he got the same food . Even this time he was so angry and he didn’t touch, but he didn’t push it aside. After couple of hours, he slowly took those 2 bread slice and tried to eat it. He was not even able to have a piece of bread and he throwed up.
He was totally drained out without food and water. 3rd day he was waiting for the food to come, after getting the bread slice he managed to eat those food without seeing it.4th days, the moment he got it he ate like a beggar who was starving for food. Jim from a royal family, in spite of not a quality and tasty food. He ate the food out of hungry and drank the water without seeing how clean it is. On 5th day before he had the food, his family and policy officers rescued him from those people and took him home.
Jim reached home; he refreshed himself, dressed up neatly. He came to the dining hall to have his food, the moment he saw all kind of food in front of him. He felt too happy and relaxed; he saw many varieties of food, fruits, drinks and deserts. Before starting his lunch, he closed his eyes and said “My Father, this is the first time I pray to you, to thank you for this delicious food that you have provided for me” –Amen he completed. After seeing everything, he took a slice of plain bread and tasted it. He felt, as if the bread has never tasted too good in his life and gave an relaxed expression.

My thoughts about this incident are, this horrible situation shouldn’t have happen to a nice person Jim Miller. But it happens, after all the pain did he reap anything? to me yes he did. Surprised?
Let me explain you, even thought he is a good person he was in a very comfortable zone for the matter of food, shelter or faculties. He never felt what is Hunger, even if so for few minutes that’s it. These 5 days really though him what is hunger, how people suffer with hunger. Since he went through this turmoil, he know very well what is the pain of hunger. He will have the gratitude to help the poor and needed. Infact! God or Science might have taught a lesson to him, so that he will start to help people more and more.
Such an incident should have never happen to a nice person Jim Miller, but the fact is it happen.. So whats next ? There can be 2 scenario, Jim should sit and feel bad about what happen and share it with all his friend and family. The other is, instead of sitting and worrying about what happen. Its better Jim thinks about the dark 5 days and improve himself in a much better way like to protective he should be, how to safe guard himself under such situation, how he can help people who are suffering from food. Generally Human, use to learn through hard way.
Lesson which we learn like this cannot leave us easily.