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by Rahul
ImageIf a recent report is to be believed, then single working women definitely prefer the company of a four-legged friend to that of a two-legged male homosapien. And what's more, they are probably easier to train, don't bark at orders and do not play games with you...well, maybe with the exception of fetch.

The research also went on to say that one of the main reasons working women prefer dogs to men is because they lead such hectic lives and often do not find the time to socialise. Is this true? "It is to a large extent," says psychologist Nita Nair. She goes on to add, "Today's woman is highly career oriented. It's all about the job, climbing the corporate ladder and achieving a goal. As a result, their friends or social circle is probably restricted to those from work. A dog is like a substitute for a child. They allow you to nurture and take care of them, and show genuine affection and love, without being too demanding. This makes a working woman feel worth it as she is missed when she is gone and there is a reason to come home to."

Dogs also increase the feeling of security and safety for single women coming back home, a feeling that is seconded by Kamna Mahesh, a PR executive. "I work erratic hours as I'm in the media industry. Since I live away from home, I don't have the luxury of coming back to a loving family. I feel secure having a pet at home. My boyfriend and I broke up a few months back and that's when I picked up a dog. It may sound silly, but animals seriously make up for the lack of love in your life. They are hassle free, shower you with loads of love and are more loyal than most human beings at least," she says.

If you thought that this was true only in the case of women, then you might be wrong. Actor Yuva, who is the proud owner of a beautiful pup and says that he does not miss a woman in his life. "This is my girlfriend," he says, beaming. "She is very loving and is constantly happy when she sees me. That apart, unlike other women, she does not give me stress, but on the contrary, helps me relax." However, actress Divya Spandana begs to differ. Says she, "I did not get a dog to make up for the lack of a man in my life. I got a dog simply because I love animals. In fact, my dog Brandy just gave birth to eight puppies, so I'm overjoyed. My dogs never let me feel lonely and I treat them like my siblings. We share the same bed, they are treated with utmost care and respect and I love them to death. They mean the world to me."

Though dogs may not really be a substitute for a man and can't really warm your bed at night, if these reactions are anything to go by, then puppy love is more than welcome!

by jumper
one can't hug and kiss with a dog!! Sharing thoughts, ideas, hopes and dreams are what makes a relationship.. setting goals and working together i can't do with a dog.