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ImageMadhvi Mahajan

She was born in Himachal Pradesh and schooled in Chandigarh and specialised in electronic engineering. Madhvi worked in Bangalore for two years and has been into modelling for the past six months. She has done a course from NIFT in Fashion Management. She enjoys basketball, dancing and anchoring.

Age: 24 years

City: New Delhi

Sun Sign: --

I AM Quotient: Spontaneous, with right attitude and apt consciousness and the spark in my eyes.

Strengths: Unbiased always, impatient, strong reflexes in terms of behaviour and attitude as required by the current situation and environment, adjustment, good learner, self belief.

Weakness: Impatient, sometimes wanting to do multiple things. Not able to concentrate on one, sometimes not able to take defeat or failure positively.

Image: Madhvi Mahajan