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ImageDivya Chouksey

She was a model on MTV shows such as Making The Cut, MTV True Life and MTV Bakra. Divya has shot for promos for IPL Pune Warriors, Percept Pictures and Fuel. She recently did a short film on blood donation for an NGO called Study Circle India. She holds a master's degree in film making and enjoys writing, singing, dancing, music, playing the sitar and travelling.

Age: 24 years

City: Mumbai

Sun Sign: Scorpio

I AM Quotient: I am a woman of substance, who is cosmopolitan, who believes in herself, respects herself. I am patriotic and take great pride in my country and its culture. I am a humorous, witty, vivid person who enjoys every minute of life. I am somebody who believes in making a change and I want to do a lot of things in my life with passion and compassion. I believe in a simple mantra, 'live and let live'.

Strengths: My style, communication skills, confidence and persona.

Weakness: Too sensitive.

Image: Divya Chouksey

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