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ImageZoya Patel

Zoya was the winner of Miss Summer Queen Pune, Miss Royal Queen, Pune 2010 and Most Promising Model Pune 2010 at the Citadel Extravaganza. She has done an advertisement for Blackberry, walked for most fashion shows in Pune and shot for makeup artists from New Delhi. She has also done a music video for IPL Pune Warriors. Zoya enjoys reading, playing table tennis and throwball and listening to music.

Age: 22 years

City: Pune

Sun Sign: Cancer

I AM Quotient: I am an enterprising and loving person. I believe that love conquers all and is above every feeling. Only love will help you forgive, be kind, learn to hope and to make commitments and live with them for life. I am confident and want to make a mark.

Strengths: Ability to love.

Weakness: Trust in others.

Image: Zoya Patel