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ImageVasuki Sunkavalli

She has lived in New Delhi for a period of two years during which she was studying and modelling as well. Vasuki has participated in leading fashion weeks and shot for advertisements for Nike, KitKat and the World Gold Council. She enjoys reading, travelling and getting acquainted with new cultures and people.

Age: 26 years

City: Hyderabad

Sun Sign: Leo

I AM Quotient: Confidence in my stride, my body and my mind and this confidence comes from the fact that I am secure. Other people might be better than me in various aspects and that does make me fearful. It makes me want to work towards it.

Strengths: I can hold my own under any given circumstances. I am a very secure person.

Weakness: I am a little too laidback and the one thing that is wrong about me, that bothers me, is that I stand to give people the impression of a non-challenge, which is not me. Sometimes I can be impatient with people too.

Image: Vasuki Sunkavalli