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ImageTrishla Chandola

She has learned Indian classical dance and music for two years. For the last two months, Trishla has been learning Flamenco in an attempt to win the talent round in I Am She 2011. She enjoys dancing and cooking.

Age: 21 years

City: New Delhi

Sun Sign: Aries

I AM Quotient: : I am honest and straightforward. According to me, it is important to speak out what your heart feels and mind believes in, I embrace myself. I do realise that everyone has something, their unique selling point. So that keeps me grounded. But I love and accept myself, inspite of my shortcomings in various aspects and that helps me keep my head held high. I believe in the power of love. And for me, it is love above all. And I can cross all boundaries and break all barriers for love.

Strengths: I accept that people are different. According to me that is the most essential quality required to connect and understand people. I graciously accept criticism. For me, to progress and succeed in any task, it is more important to know where I falter rather than excel. That drives me even more to attain perfection.

Weakness: I need to learn time management. I am working on it. Sweets too.

Image: Trishla Chandola