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ImageTara Sharma

The gorgeous actress, mommy to the two year-old boy Zen, was up and about when she was preggers. Married to Roopak Saluja, Tara was promoting Suno Na, a film in which she essays a pregnant woman mirroring her situation in real life.

Alongside, she was also dubbing for another of her films, Mocktale and in between the health-conscious Tara would attend to her fitness routine.

As she inched closer to her delivery date, she slowed down and had to refuse Karan Johar's Kurbaan. She had her second baby -- a boy -- this month, and is expected to host a show called The Tara Sharma Show - Diaries of a New Mum, which as the title suggests talks about the actress' personal experience of motherhood.

Image: Tara Sharma on the Suno Na poster