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Simply put, there is no such thing as the best product for skin care. Due to the fact that skin care products work in a unique way for each skin type, the claim of being the best skin product is simply untrue. As the saying goes, what works well for one person may reek havoc for another.

A much better way of thinking would be to consider what skin care product is best for your skin type. While this is a better way of thinking, there are still more points to consider. For example, individuals are often categorized into different groups depending on whether they have oily skin, normal skin, sensitive skin or dry skin.

However, this classification is just too broad to be used definitively in determining the best skin care product. We can say best skin care product for a dry skin or best skin care product for an oily skin are better statements than just best skin care product. But really, that is what it is better is still not accurate.

Now that you understand the basics, the real question you should be asking yourself is "What's the best skin care product for me?" Unfortunately, this is a difficult question to answer. However, if you put in a bit of effort and take some time and do your research, you can find the best skin care product for you.

First of all, you need to understand how the skin care products work. This is simple. You can consider all skin care products to be composed of 2 types of ingredients Active and inactive. The active ingredients are the ones that actually work on your skin.

The primary purpose of the inactive ingredients is to aid in the delivery of the active ingredients to your skin. Both active and inactive ingredients should work in unsion to make the product effective and useful for your skin.

Besides the ingredients, the way you apply your skin care products is equally important. In fact, this is even more important. If you do not know how to apply skin care products, you might forever be hunting for the best skin care product for yourself, when that has already passed you.

Finally, you need to establish the amount of skin care product you should apply to your skin. Environmental factors such as humidity, temperature and pollution levels can also have an affect when it comes to choosing the right skin care product for you.

Author : R K Reid