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Good bye moon.
The moon is the earths only natural satellite and is the easiest celestial object to see in the nights sky. It's the fifth largest moon in the solar system and takes 27.3 days to orbit the earth. It always shows us the same face and the reason why you can see it shining down at you is because it reflects the suns light in the nights sky. Scientists think that the moon was created in a violent collision between the earth and another celestial body tearing a chunk of the earth away about 4 and half billion years ago. So each night when you look up at the protector of earth, the earths first son and creation. You can remember that it will always be looking down On us. Or will it? Well the moon is currently about 238,000 miles away from earth but when it was formed it was a nice and snug 14,000 miles away. The moon slowly gets further and further away at a rate of about 3.8 cm a year. So what does that mean for the earth? Well eventually the oceans tides will weaken and the spectacular moment of watching an eclipses will be lost to the past. But don't worry because we will all be dead and gone by this time as it could take up to a billion years for that to happen. But what if the moon gets destroyed in the not to distant future? Maybe like in the brilliant sci fi flick "oblivion". where aliens ruin there own planet and try to take over ours. One of there methods in taking the earth was to blow up the moon throwing the earth in to chaos. In the film the moon was still there but just in large chunks. Scientists believe that in this case not much would change as the large pieces would still exert the same amount of gravitational pull. But what if it disappeared altogether or it was blown away in to space or drifted away never to be seen again. Well some scientists think that this could wildly swing the earth off its axis resulting in huge climate changes. This could get so bad that it could mean that for 6 months of the year it would be boiling hot under the blaze of the sun and the other 6 months would be dark, freezing and miserable on the other side of the earth. Other theories are that if the moon disappeared it could push the earth out of its normal orbit around the sun and in to a different orbit changing the climate and making It impossible to survive on the surface. There are lots of theories about what would happen some others include violent earthquakes and huge eruptions of volcanoes as the earth grumbles from losing its natural gravitational space buddy. But I think we can all safely sit back and enjoy the beautiful shine of the moons face for many years to come yet. Unless you now of an alien invasion that is.

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Music by - Kevin McLeod