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Roberto Vergati Santos is an artist and designer from Italy. In his series Sponsored Heroes, Santos imagines a scenario where the world’s best known brands sponsor the most popular superheroes.

Brands already pay for endorsements from athletes, musicians and actors and there’s no questioning the star power of superheroes! While Bruce Wayne and Tony Starks don’t really need the money, some others may be forced to bow to corporate sponsors to pursue their passion for saving the planet.

All credit goes to the original artists who provided the source inspiration for the series: Admira Wijaya, Jim Lee, David Finch, Alex Ross, Derek Laufman, Ryan Meinerding, Alex Maleev, Gabriele Dell’Otto, Carlo Pagulayan, Jorge Pepelife, Adi Granov, Phil Noto. Not all of the artists’ work appears in the selection below.

What if Superheroes were Sponsored?