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What to Pack for a Beach Vacation
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We pack people for trips all the time, and if you know us, you know we are hard core light packers. It’s almost a religion with us. What we have found is that most travelers are guilty of the 80/20 rule: we wear 20% of the clothes we’ve packed for 80% of the trip. Why do we over-pack? Because we wait until the night before and just throw a lot of clothes in the suitcase hoping some of it will come out looking like a few well-planned outfits. And it rarely happens. If it does, it’s just dumb luck. Can I get a witness? To avoid pre-trip stress, here’s our countdown to departure with a shopping and to-do list, and our fail-proof packing list.

3 days before departure:

Run by your local discount store and/or cosmetics counter and buy the following:
  • Travel size containers for toiletries
  • Sunscreen
  • Tanless lotion
  • Stain remover, wipes and tissues
  • Tampons and pain relievers (just in case)
  • Lip balm with sunscreen
  • Fill your prescriptions
  • Borrow a good beach book; buy magazines when you arrive because they are just too darn heavy to schlep yourself
  • Buy snacks for the trip down
  • Make sure you have enough dog and cat food if you’re leaving your animals home with a sitter
  • Stop your mail and paper if you don’t have someone getting it for you
  • Go by the bank for cash
  • Do laundry so anything you might want to pack will be clean