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SRK's waist coat, Juhi's geomtric patterns and more hot style statements
What Bollywood is wearing these days
So what's in and what's passe in Bollywood these days? What's hot and what's absolutely 'NO-NO' at tinsel town? With so many movies promoting a different look these days and opening their own fashion lines in big stores, starting from OSO to Tashan, let's find out what the actual stars of the show are wearing themselves...

Best out of Waist

To be correct, SRK has never been a slave to fashion, but the industry sure has followed his trend over the years. And this has proved true yet again this season. With the King Khan sporting waistcoats in his latest TV tryst Paanchvi Pass, this absolutely redundant piece of clothing has suddenly become a rage. Who want's to wear a suit now? Waistcoats are so much better and may we say KING like...