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Benji the dog is lost in the wilderness and chooses to take care of a litter of orphaned Mountain Cubs.

Images from the Walt Disney movie "Benji The Hunted".

Music: "Cavatina"" and "Wonderful Tonight" by Guitar Sensation.

Story: A dog, named Benji, has become stranded on a remote island after a boating accident. He finds himself struggling to survive in the wilderness. Benji observes a female cougar gunned down by a hunter. He attempts to comfort the dying animal, but he is chased away by the hunter. He eventually encounters four orphaned cougar cubs, belonging to the killed cougar, and he attempts to shield them from predation. In one of the film's more tragic scenes, one of the cubs is carried off by an eagle. Benji later tries to catch up with a female cougar he encountered earlier with the intention of leaving the three remaining cubs in her care. At the end, Benji gets saved by a helicopter.