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Twin Alarm!!

My twin bro and me have just turned 18 and people find it weird because he's a guy and I'm a girl and they are amazed at how close we are.

When we were 9 years old my brother went to stay with my grandmother while we stayed in the city for a couple of months.

One night my father told me that it was quiet, then suddenly I woke up and I wouldn't stop crying; it looked like I was choking but I wasn't.

I wouldn't stop crying and I kept trying to reach over to my brothers cot, then my dad realised that something was up so he told my mum to ring up my grandmother to check on my brother.

My mum didn't believe but she rang my grandmother and my gran found that my brother (who has asthma), was in his cot, almost choking to death.

They rushed my brother to the hospital and he recovered. According to my father, it wasn't until my gran said the ambulance was there that I stopped crying.

My brother and I have a bond so strong that nothing can break it, we know what each other is thinking and we know when the other is in trouble.
I wouldn't give up being a twin for the world.

By Kyle

Hints for the partner of a twin

As one pair of married twin sisters said on TV - "You can always get another husband, but you can't ever replace a twin". Their husbands both nodded and agreed with this - at first glance - outrageous statement, and I thought at the time they had grasped the key factor to a happy life with twins.

No matter how important an outside person may be, and no matter how much in love the twin may be with you, never forget that their twin comes first, last and in between. If you can cope with this, and many people can't, a life with twins can truly be double the fun.

But it's no place for a possessive partner, who is sentencing themselves to a life of misery, as they constantly make tests for 'their' twin, and are forced over and over to the conclusion that coexistence is the only option.

I've seen, not only with our daughters, but with twins male and female down the years, a partner that the other twin doesn't like is ultimately destined for disaster.

I have seen a case where a jealous husband managed to geographically separate 'his' twin from the sister he detested.

Over a number of years he managed to ban regular phone calls as too costly, and as neither woman was a letter-writer, he was congratulating himself on gradually pulling them apart.

But at a crisis in the other sister's life, he came home from work to find that his wife had left, with a brief note, "My sister needs me" being sufficient explanation.

She didn't come back. Motto: get used to pleasing two people, and your life with a twin can be very happy.

Anon - mother of twins :)