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by xianfern 21 Mar 2012, 15:05
I'm an identical mirror twin, and my sister and I are asked about ESP, all the time. We've never had any moments where I could feel her pain, or know when she's distressed, although I don't doubt that other twins experience this, we just never have. My connection with my sister is unique to itself. We were once the same person (or the same egg ;). We have an intense understanding, and bond that we don't share with our other siblings, or even now as married women, with our spouses.

My sister and I share common mirror image traits, she's a lefty, I'm a righty, she's nearsighted, I'm farsighted. But what most mirror twins have not shared, at least none that I can find, is that we have each given birth to identical twins. She has boys who are 4, and I have girls who are 5. I have not noticed any ESP with my girls yet, however, when both our twins were babies, they definitely had their own twin language..it's truly fascinating!