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ImageMARCH: Welcoming spring

Holi (Across India)
March 1

Holi the festival of colours is celebrated across the India with a few variations here and there. But if there is a place to be in India during Holi it is the village of Barsana near Mathura in Uttar Pradesh.

Barsana hosts something called the Lath mar Holi where women beat up men with sticks. Of course the men protect themselves with shields. But it's a sight to watch sari-clad women having the time of their lives in this rather amusing ritual. After all no one's going to sue you if you miss a stroke.

Nauchandi Mela (Meerut, Uttar Pradesh)

A classic example of religious tolerance is the Nauchandi Mela, a festival that is held near the Hindu Nauchandi temple and the Muslim shrine of Bala Mian.

Legend has it that the month-long fair that starts soon after Holi, first started as a one-day trade fair for cattle traders back in 1627. Since then it has been each year growing in stature except in 1858 when the city saw the revolt against the East India Company.

Gudi Padwa (All over Maharashtra)
March 16

The New Year's Day in the Marathi calendar, Gudi Padwa is supposed to mark the beginning of spring. Maharashtrians consider this day as one of the three and a half most auspicious days when every moment is favourable to start a new activity.

It is celebrated throughout Maharashtra with families decorating a stick with a bright coloured cloth and a pot turned upside down resting on the top of the stick. The traditional Gudi Padwa meal is shrikand (a sweet dish made of yogurt) and puri.

Image: Holi the festival of colours is celebrated across the India with a few variations here and there.
Photographs: Dijeshwar Singh/ Saab Pictures