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ImageA carnival and cultural festival

Goa Carnival (Panaji, Goa)
February 13-February 16

It's officially the last day of festivity and celebrations before Lent. The Goa Carnival is held in Panaji, the capital of Goa. Fancy dress balls, floats, parades and a frenetic round of dancing, drinking and feasting mark the celebrations as highlight of the festivities 'King Momo' the officially appointed festival ruler parades through the city streets.

Taj Mahotsav (Agra, Uttar Pradesh)
February 18-February 27

The festival is organised at Shilpigram, which is close to the Taj Mahal. It's where some 400-odd artisans display their art. Taj Mahotsav also has a lot of cultural festivities where performers from across the country display their folk and classical art forms. With the Taj Mahal as the backdrop, surely nothing could be better, could it?

Image: Fancy dress balls, floats, parades etc mark the celebrations at the Goa Carnival.
Photographs: Rajtilak Naik