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ImageThe word is 'wow'. A default response from you, a favoured reaction of theirs.

Filled with pluck, charm and panache, everywhere they go, they make heads turn.

We asked you to pitch in names of celebrities that fit this description in your opinion. So here it is, dear readers, your pick of Bollywood's 10 most attractive women. Keep a look out for the men.

10. Sushmita Sen

The debacle of Chingaari and Dulha Mil Gaya seems to have had no impact on Sush fans as they continue to root for the former Miss Universe with gusto.

Hotness quotient: It's all in the attitude. Often dubbed a thinking man's sex symbol, this sensational mum to her two adopted daughters -- Renee and Alisah -- believes in living life on her own terms. And her long list of boyfriends indicates that men like that.

Style mantra: She likes to keep it edgy and adventurous. Although she favors black a great deal, Sushmita carries colour with just as much fervour.

Image: Sushmita Sen
Photographs: Pradeep Bandekar

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