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I'm an intelligent person, pretty good student, and good with time-management, so I just don't understand why nursing school has to be so unrelentlessly difficult.

I'm so tired of nursing school always being a downer and never being able to feel good about it. Other majors/professions aren't like this.

Why must everything be made to be so difficult and stressful? The subject matter itself isn't that bad, there's just a whole lot of it in a short time but I'm talking more about the "culture" of nursing school.

Our program is filled with intelligent, hardworking students and yet we are all constantly feeling like failures, battling stress, and trying to get it together and push on. Why?

I just don't understand the reason behind the high pressure situations we are always put in, including huge last minute assignments, high pressure "validations" and ISTAN experiences with threats of being kicked out if mistakes are made. Is it to prepare us for the high stress environment of hospital bedside nursing?

I'm sure not all of us plan to end up in that segment of nursing. I'm also thrown by the manner in which our instructors sometimes treat us.

I feel sometimes as though we're being treated like naughty children instead of the hard working, capable adults we are.

I've always heard that the military tears you down to build you back up again, if that's the idea nursing school has too I hope they get to the build you back up part soon!

Anyone else feel this way? Or do any of you attend a nursing school that is more positive, and has more mutual respect?