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There is not doubt that you will need choose the wedding vendors carefully. This is because you will only have your wedding once and you do not want any vendor to ruin your perfect planning.

First of all, you will need to research for a few different wedding vendors at the very beginning. You do not just find one and choose it. You have to search for different options. You can gather the information from bridal magazines. You can also attend some bridal fair in order to get more information. Be sure to collect the brouchers and leaflets when you are attending the bridal fairs.

Besides, you should also get information of the wedding vendor online. One of the ways is to read the blogs of different brides and grooms. It is very important when you are doing your research. Of course you should also visit some online wedding forums. You can discuss with other couples and you will be getting a lot of invaluable information from them.

When you are choosing a wedding vendor, you will not just consider the fees and charges. You will also consider the quality of the works they deliver. You should also consider the reputations. Taking the photographer for example, you should try to see their portfolio when you are interviewing them. When you are choosing a printer for your wedding invitation, you will need to see the real samples of the cards before you purchase.

Taking your wedding invitations as another example. As discussed, you will need to ask for the real samples before you order. You will also need to ask clearly about the lead time. This should also be true for the wedding favor. In the case of choosing a DJ or live musician, you will need to ask if they will be doing some rehearsal beforehand!

It is also very important for you to sign contract with the wedding vendors. You should never overlook this essential step. You have to request them to list all the details of the services to be provided. You should also ask clearly what will be the arrangement if you have to postpone or cancel your event. For example, you may need to postpone your big day under some severe weather conditions. You will need to know if they will charge you more when you rearrange it.

You should also ask if there will be some extra charges by the wedding vendors if your event is overrun. In most cases this will be applied to the venue, photographer and caterer. Of course you will also require them to list all this extra charges on the contracts.

One last point is that, the considerations can be a bit different if you are going to hire a wedding planner. In most cases the planner can suggest you some wedding vendors to help you. You have to make sure that the planners will not get any commission from any vendor. This is because the planner may try to push you to hire a particular one if they will be getting some commissions.

Author : Jerry Leung