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by TheAryan 21 Jul 2015, 02:42
10) Shoot Raw on Android and Windows

Apple cameras may have great image processing by default, but several Android and Windows devices now come with a huge advantage for tinkerers: Raw photography.

Unlike jpegs, Raw files are uncompressed and unprocessed. This means they can be modified a lot more, including setting your own sharpening, recovering crushed shadows, saving blown highlights and finding the perfect white balance.

13 Tips for Shooting Low Light Photos on your Phone
Straight out of camera, under exposed JPEG

Because there’s no noise reduction or sharpening applied to them automatically, Raw photos typically look worse out of the box, but you can then tune them to your exact preferences.

13 Tips for Shooting Low Light Photos on your Phone
The same exact photo, but processing the Raw file allowed me to recover areas that would’ve otherwise been lost