Been lucky enough to purchase a new house yet? Or fond of Interior Designing? This place might help you with these issues, Reading a few articles will certainly help you make your home sweet home a much better place to live.
ImageYour current buy doesn't mean game over

As you and your family grow, so will your needs. You might get married, have kids, your parents might move in with you. Some unplanned events might also occur; for instance, you might get transferred to a new city. Don't see your current purchase as a dead end.

You can upgrade to a different property in a few years. Maximise what you need to fulfil over the next few years. Remember, you can always sell this property and use the sale proceeds to get another property.

Finally, with a little bit of attention to detail and awareness, you can become more confident even before you start the process. There is absolutely no substitute for the joy and pride that you will experience at your first home purchase.

(The authors are co-founders of iTrust, a financial advisory )