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Do you travel a lot in the course of your work?

Do you often complan that there is never enough time to indulge in lengthy yoga sessions?

You can now opt for the tailormade Five Minute Yoga, a therapy claimed to have been designed especially for jet-setters.

Easy yoga, a new buzz word for corporates and professionals who just do not find time to de-stress with their hectic schedule, is catching up fast, with therapists boasting of lakhs of such followers.

"There are asanas one can do while tying the knot of your tie, while on way to your workplace, on aircraft, practically anywhere," says Alankrita, president, Indian Renaissance, that deals with naturopathy, yoga, meditation and psycho-spiritual counselling.

"Keeping in mind the needs of these professionals, we have conceptualised the Five Minute Yoga that requires five minutes to practice. These are tested to give positive results within a month, cure stress-related ailments and increase productivity," she claims.

But healers who work in Reiki and Pranic healing say there can be no shortcut to effective and thorough therapy.

"People who claim to heal through shortcut means," says Dr Sharda, a corporate counsellor, "must definitely have a commercial purpose in mind." She is also a healer and naturopathy therapist.

"The NGO plans to teach simple yoga techniques to people," adds Alankrita, "so that they can grasp the ancient Indian system of healing."

Apparently, there is a quick solution for most ailments, including insomnia, stress, paralysis and neurological problems.

"Colour therapy is effective in curing insomnia. The Soham technique is another such way to address sleeping disorders," says Alankrita.

Soham literally means, 'I am that', or a representation of that boundless energy.

"Swar vigyan also plays a crucial role in reducing tension and requires not more than five minutes," she says, adding this also involves watching your breath or the process of inhalation and exhalation.

"There was a sudden demand for Reiki some time ago," explains Alankrita. "Now it has receded. But there are so many other options to choose from in the market."

With new options hitting the market every day, people under stress who are increasingly leading a global life are game for anything that is made easy for them.

"Competition has reached a high and there is a lot of hype surrounding a particular product," Sharda says, adding, "the method of healing requires its own time to show results and the person's faith plays a big part in the healing process."

Healer The Divya Yoga clinics of Ramdev, healer and yoga teacher, boasts of over 160 million followers, or yoddhas, as the
centre calls them.

"Almost 90 percent of the results comes from Pranayam. And not a single technique takes more than 10 to 20 minutes to perform," says Swami Balakishan at the Hardwar Ashram.