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Very interesting to watch the video stealing food from Lion captured it live by BBC but with sadness. There has always been conflict between "Animal Kingdom" and "Human-beings" but this is beyond our imagination.

"Now there is courage... madness and Hunger all put together...And here we are wasting Food in The western world...just think and teach our children and ourselves the value of food wastage we do ...instead we feel happy that our children or grand children of having so much food on their Plate and then wasting it and there we are watching it and ,not saying a word to them....in case we make them Cry or offend them..!!! Let us be aware of the value of Food and Hunger in some parts of the World... How Lucky we are that we can order a TAKE ,AWAY ..and watch our favourite program on the T.V. ..and don't worry about them LIONS.... ..!!!!!!. Thank the Gods for what we are and where we are.."

How can you even think of stealing food from lions??? Only Masai can carry that off...

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