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I think it's time we said, "good-bye-"
Don't you...?
A thousand days are much to long
to love someone like you

I think it's time I face the truth-
Don't you...?
A thousand tears can't be wrong,
too many times I've cried for you

I thought you were my soulmate-
that you were made just for me
maybe for a moment you were
but a thousand lies can change what you see

Rose colored glasses-
I owned a thousand pairs
sometimes you see clearer
when looking through your tears

You think it's going to last forever
then in a moment it can pass you by
A thousand chances won't bring it back
A thousand, "sorrys" won't change the lies

A thousand times we started over
A thousand times I've questioned, "Why?"
too many heartbreaks to even count
I think it's time we said, "good-bye"

What you took from me was priceless
so much time has been erased
a thousand clocks remain broken
never to be replaced

A thousand tears and one broken heart
is all I have for you
I think it's time I said, "good-bye-"
Don't You...?