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John works in a supermarket. A man came in and asked John for half a
kilogram of butter. The boy told him they only sell 1 kg packets of
butter, but the man was persistent. The boy said he'd go ask his manager
what to do.

John walked into the back room and said, "There's a bloody fellow
out there who wants to buy only half a kilo of butter." As he finished
saying this, he turned around to find the man standing right behind him, so
he added, "And this gentleman wants to buy the other half."

The manager finished the deal and later said to John, "You almost
got yourself in a lot of trouble earlier, but I must say I was impressed
with the way you got yourself out of it. You think on your feet, and I like
it a lot. Which place are you from?"

John replied, "I'm from Mexico, Sir." "Oh, really? Why did you leave
Mexico?" asked the manager.

John replied, "They're all just prostitutes and soccer players up

"My wife is from Mexico," the manager said.

John replied, "Which team did she play for?"

Moral - Think fast!!!