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Things College Girls Must Do During the Summer
Summer: It's the best time of your life and the single best season of the year. It's three months of unrequired work, limited responsibility and that sweet sticky feeling that reminds you that's anything's possible.

It's corn on the cob and fresh watermelon. It's meeting lifeguards and boys at block parties. It's sticky bathing suits and flowing sun dresses. It's crossing oceans and floating in new seas. It's feeling invincible and believing that magic isn't just in story books.

Unfortunately these feelings and this time doesn't last long past college. Once work starts, adult-type work with health insurance and sick days, summer is just a few unbearably hot months in which you take off one or two weeks from your perpetual daily grind.

With that in mind, your college summer is the time to live it up. You have only a few sweet summers left before those three months of pure bliss and virtually no responsibility are a just distant memory along with your rapidly fading tan.

It's important to remind yourself that these days won't come again and this summer could be the last one to do all those things you've ever wanted to do in those exciting warm months.

It's the last time you can spend weeks in Greece or have a fling with a boy you'll never see again. It's the last time you can sleep 'til noon every day and spend two days on a lazy river. It might also be the last time you go skinny dipping in the cool water of your favorite beach or dance 'til morning on the pier of a distant land.

Because summer really is a magical time. It's when we come alive under the warm stars and the cool ocean breezes. It's a transition of responsibility, the norm to adventure and a feeling of anything goes.

We're carefree and adventurous, as the whole world seems just at the tip of our freshly painted manicures. So use this time to the fullest and complete all those wild and crazy things you said you would always do, because this could very well be the last summer you can.