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Image6. Fiji -- A beach nation

Fiji is a nation of islands. Countless beaches, sea and sand are synonymous with this country. There is no dearth of beaches here -- the problem lies in figuring out which beach to leave out!

Most of the islands in Fiji are surrounded by coral reefs, providing unlimited opportunities for snorkeling and deep sea diving. Fiji is identified by the picture of blue lagoons, lapping on coral sands with an outline of swaying coconut palms.

Describing Fiji's different beaches would take volumes, so it would suffice to say that each island is more beautiful than the other. Explore them all to take your pick!

Tip: Be sure to visit the most popular beaches of Fiji, which include the Castaway Island for swimming, Malolo Island for the best beach bars, Turtle Island for private beach picnics, Honeymoon Beach and many more.

Photographs: Heinz Albers/Wikimedia Commons