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Image2. Palawan -- The not-so-lonely island

Ever wanted to play Robinson Crusoe and have an entire island to yourself, just for a few days? Well, at Palawan you can do just that.

Often described as Philippines' last frontier, the Palawan archipelago is a masterpiece of nature. The limestone landscape is coloured in with tropical rainforests, underground rivers, rocky coves and sugar-white sandy beaches.

Beaches like Honda Bay, Cannon Island, Bat Island, Starfish Island offer pleasures like snorkeling, scuba diving and wildlife walks, while areas like Pandan and Meara Marina appeal to those with more reclusive tastes.

If you don't know what to choose, simply choose a boat and go island hopping -- it's highly unlikely you will get stuck in a sea jam here.

Tip: If it's wildlife that excites you, take a dive into the Tubbataha Reef -- a protected marine sanctuary, the atoll is home to over a thousand species of marine life, including endangered ones like manta rays, lionfish and more.

Photographs: Moody75/ Wikimedia Commons