Is there a writer in u? Or are you in a mood to read some short interesting stories? Here's the Story Section for all tastes.
by Caroline 07 Feb 2016, 22:18
5. You can always find a quirky way to work on something that's boring.
The Stories Of Akbar And Birbal
On a hot day, Akbar was travelling to a distant place along with some of his courtiers. Tired and angry, Akbar gave up and asked, 'Can someone shorten this road for me?' Birbal said he could. The other courtiers were shocked at Birbal's response. Akbar asked Birbal to go ahead. 'I will, but listen to this story I have to tell, said Birbal. Riding beside the emperor's palanquin, he launched upon a long and intriguing tale that held Akbar and all those listening, spellbound. Before they knew it, they had reached the end of their journey. Akbar was amazed at how time had passed so quickly. This is how Birbal had shortened the road for Akbar. Before you give up on that project because it's boring, think of a way to make it more interesting! There' always be a way.