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A man went into a restaurant and the waitress came over to ask him what he wanted.

The man said, 'I'll have some vanilla ice cream and some strawberry ice cream, some lemon ice cream and some banana ice cream.'

'OK, sir.' said the waitress, 'Will there be anything else?'

'Er, yes...' said the man, 'Do you have any chocolate sauce?'

'Yes, sir. We do,' replied the waitress.

'Great, I'll have double chocolate sauce on that.'

'Anything else, sir?'

'Oh, yes, do you have any cream?'

'Certainly sir.'

'And,' continued the man, 'I'll have extra cream on all of those.'

'Yes sir.' said the waitress, writing down the whole order, 'And would you like any nuts on top?'

'Nuts?' said the man, horrified, 'Oh, no! I won't have any nuts. I'm on a diet.'