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A chap at the bookies goes to the screens and checks the prices of the next race.

There are only two horses in the race and it seems pretty uncompetitive as the favourite is 10 to 1 on and the other is priced at 40 to 1 against.

Nonetheless, he makes his way to the counter and asks to place £250 on the outsider.

Being a friendly sort, the bookmaker tries to put him off the bet and assures the customer that the outsider has absolutely no chance against the favourite

but the man is insistent and demands that the bet be placed. The bookmaker tries again to convince the man he'd be losing his money

but eventually agrees to take the bet and gleefully deposits the $250 into his till. They both then watched the race on the television and, horror of horrors,

the favourite fell at the third hurdle and the outsider casually trotted to the finishing line.

The customer was straight back to the counter and demanding his winnings. "No problem," said the bookmaker, "I will happily pay you what you have won" and counted out the winnings

As he did so, he confided to the man, "You are amazingly lucky - between you and me, I actually own the outsider that you bet on and he is such a donkey, even I didn't back it".

As he collected his winnings and made his way to the door, the lucky punter replied, "That's a coincidence, I own the favourite"!!!!!!!

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