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Martin was an English teacher in a language school. After working at his current school for six months, he decided it was time to find a better job with a higher salary.

In his final week at the school, he told Carla, one of his favourite one-to-one students.

‘I’m afraid that next term I won’t be teaching in this school any more, Carla. I’m moving to another city.’

‘I’m really sorry about that, Martin. I wish you weren’t going.’ Carla replied.

‘Well, thank you, Carla! It’s very kind of you to say so.’

‘The new teacher won’t be as good as you are. I’m sure the lessons won’t be as good as yours.’ said the student.

‘That’s so nice of you!’ said Mark, flattered.

‘Yes,’ continued Carla, ‘I’ve been coming to this school for five years now and every new teacher has been worse than the one before.’