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The Joy of Sania Mirza-Martina Hingis Winning Wimbledon
Doubles can often feel like tennis’ forgotten sibling, with singles hogging nearly all of the mainstream spotlight, but the format is at its very best when a pair’s contrasting strengths unite to unleash an irresistible and unstoppable package.

Hingis and Mirza have shown glimpses of their potential since pairing earlier this year but their eclectic talents magically synchronised, like never before, right when they needed to summon something special.

It was delightful to watch. They complement each other perfectly; Hingis is adept with the backhand juxtaposing nicely with Mirza’s lethal forehand. With her forceful groundstrokes, Mirza sets up points while Hingis – highly skilled at the net – finishes them off.

Hingis is sublime at the net and may still be the best player in the world at reading the play. Her perfectly executed lobs continually baffle opponents. Some believe Hingis could still be an elite player if she competed in singles, but in reality Hingis would be unlikely to progress into the second week. Her serve is timid and often her groundstrokes lack venom. Sometimes she struggles to move around the court freely, and despite her youthful looks, it is a timely reminder that Hingis is nearly 35 years old and has a history of ankle injuries.

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